Juniper and Thorn by Ava Reid | ARC Review

“Your love cannot make me less of a monster.”

by Ava Reid
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Release Date: June 21, 2022
Publisher: Harper Voyager / Del Rey (UK)
Rating: 4 of 5*

I received an ARC from the publisher to read and review. Quoted excerpt/s may change in the final print.

Uhmm… what did I just read?!

Juniper and Thorn has everything you would expect from an adult gothic horror. Author Ava Reid didn’t pull any punches in crafting a world that’s horrifyingly dark and gruesome and monstrous and violent.

That’s pretty much it… What else is left for me to say?

One thing’s for sure– Ava Reid is a brilliant writer and an excellent story-teller. I don’t know how she does it but she does it so damn well. They writes so captivatingly and builds atmospheric worlds you have no choice but to get lost in. I fell in love with their words in The Wolf and the Woodsman, and it’s no different this time.

The vivid imagery, the complex family dynamics, the underlying themes of industrialization vs tradition, the emotional rollercoaster this book will put you through, and the MC’s journey of questioning who she is and what she wants to be– all these made Juniper and Thorn an unforgettable read.

Juniper and Thorn is another uniquely thrilling read from a new favorite author of mine.

TW: gore, sexual abuse, trauma, violence, eating disorder, explicit sex scenes, self harm

The author has provided a full list of CW/ TW here. Please read it beforehand. This is a HEAVY book. It’s overwhelming.

* * *


“The city was a song that crooned unceasingly in my ear, and if my mind was a compass, Sevastyan’s face was true north.”

“What happens when you hold up a mirror to a monster? In my experience, nothing enrages them more than the truth.”

“I felt stared to my marrow, looked at in a way people only ever looked at my sisters. It was like someone were fishing for coins in a fountain and had finally closed their fingers around the one that was me.”

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