Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter | ARC Review

“You’re just this . . . this . . . human tornado.”

by Lynn Painter
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Release Date: March 1, 2022
Publisher: Berkley
Rating: 4 of 5*

I received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley to read and review. Quoted excerpt/s may change in the final print.

I can’t remember the last time I chose a book over sleep. Read this in one sitting. Stayed up way past 3am. I found myself laughing and hardcore swooning. I was crying happy tears… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First of all… the text exchange (The banter! The chemistry!) was absolutely brilliant. Someone get me my own Mr. Wrong Number. Please. LOL

I love that we got two POVs. I fell in love with Colin and Liv so bad, so fast. Liv with how she lives life so passionately and never without heart. She’s so perfectly imperfect. I want to see life through her eyes because she finds genuine joy in the simple things and she never does anything halfway. I love her resilience. Love her love for words. And I love how she can be both bold and vulnerable. Did I mention I love her?! Don’t even get me started on Colin. Colin with his perfectly gross abs, his showcase-worthy skills, his gorgeous Adam’s apple, his heavenly sheets (this will make more sense when you read the book, I promise), his charm-your-pants-off personality and his unwavering determination to prove himself… I ADORE him. Did I mention the hardcore swooning? It’s not an exaggeration, I swear.

Mr. Wrong Number is most assuredly one of the best romcoms I’ve read! Definitely a 2022 favorite! And I can’t wait ’til I get to read it again.

P.S. I’m devastated that the Epilogue wasn’t longer. *cries myself to sleep*

* * *


“He cupped my face and gave me the sweetest, hottest kiss, the kind of kiss that wrapped itself around you and made you feel foolishly, deliciously, unbearably loved. I let myself sink into it, no longer afraid. I wanted to dive into every fathomless ocean with him.”

“You’re just this . . . this . . . human tornado who is so alive, so filled with the energy of the moment, that there occasionally is a little collateral damage.”

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